Our itinerary for Vietnam

For Tim & I, a visa is required to travel to Vietnam and as tourists we had the option of a 1 month or a 3 month visa. We opted for the 1 month tourist visa (we had other countries we wanted to see!) and loved our time there. We made our way from north to south on buses (some okay, others horrendous – more on that later) and managed to see quite a lot. In case you missed any of our wonderful, hilarious and informative posts – here is a break down of what we did. Yeah!

The decent to Ban Ho
Beautiful Sa Pa

We started north in the capital city of Hanoi, where we lost one of our bags, fell in love with the Old Quarter, ate all the street food and admired the chaos.

From there we spent 3 days in the north-west township of Sa Pa. We trekked, ate the best spring rolls ever and got very, very wet.

Next up was the rural paradise of Phong Nha. We watched sunsets, had an unforgettable experience at The Pub With Cold Beer and cycled our hearts out.

From Phong Nha we ventured down to The Imperial City of Hue. Scootering around exploring temples and pagodas was the highlight for us here.

Instead of getting the bus to Hoi An, we decided to hire a scooter and do the drive ourselves – over the amazing and scenic Hai Van Pass.

We arrived in the beautiful city of Hoi An and stayed for five days. Long enough to get some clothes tailor made (oh baby), find the best Banh Mi in Vietnam and wander the lantern filled streets.

Next up was Nha Trang, the beach resort town of Vietnam. Arriving at sunrise was amazing and we had a swim in the ocean, read from Russian menus and relaxed.

From there we escaped the hot temperatures and spent a couple of days in Da Lat – the honeymoon capital of Vietnam. We survived a treacherous motorbike ride, chased waterfalls and had some of the best food of the trip.

Ho Chi Minh City was our final stop in Vietnam. We dodged motorbikes, had cocktails at sky bars and went to the Cu Chi Tunnels.


Have you ever been to Vietnam? What should we do next time?

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