Nha Trang, we didn’t love it

Nha Trang was a place we were never really keen on visiting in Vietnam. The stories we had heard from other travelers didn’t paint it in the best light and although we are believers in ‘seeing something for yourself’ – it didn’t really appeal to us. Despite our hesitant feelings on visiting, we decided that to break up the bus journey, it was probably worth it.

Nha Trand sunrise beach.jpg

We arrived before sunrise and after seeing hoards of locals heading to the beachfront we followed. We were shocked to see how many people were already down at the beach before the sun was up. There were literally hundreds of Vietnamese people swimming, exercising, lounging, playing football and just generally enjoying the beach life. We could only assume this was a) to beat the heat or b) to beat the tourists. Either way, we had a great time people watching and catching the sunrise over the ocean.

Nha Trang sunrise.jpg

I can only describe Nha Trang as like the Surfers Paradise (Gold Coast) of Vietnam. It is a resort, beach town and although the beaches are beautiful – they are very crowded and aimed 100% at tourists. Maybe I have been spoiled for beaches coming from Australia, but I didn’t find Nha Trang amazing. We did go for a swim and it was lovely to be in the ocean, but we were sad to see a lot of rubbish floating around.

I don’t have much else to say on Nha Trang, other than – you need to visit for yourself to decide whether you love it or not. There are many beautiful bars and restaurants, cheap massages and a nice beach so if you are after a beach break, it’s a great place to be.

For us, we didn’t click with it and that’s totally okay.

3 thoughts on “Nha Trang, we didn’t love it

  1. Your pictures look beautiful, though I know it is hard to love completely touristy beach spots. In Korea, there’s an island known as the Hawaii of Korea called Jeju and there are many tourist beaches which can be fun for the activities offered, but are way overcrowded. I went again to the island this year and decided to go to some local favorite beaches and found them much more my style. So, I definitely know where you’re coming from.


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