Walking The Old Man of Storr

The day we walked The Old Man of Storr was the day before our wedding, Sam had repeatedly told me over breakfast all of the important things we had to do that day. Mostly involving registering, confirming and paying for wedding related items.

Fully aware of the time restraints we had, but determined to do at least some munro walking, I picked up my wallet, got distracted, put it back down again and hurried Sam to the car to get a move on.

Elgol road

The drive from Elgol to Portree takes about an hour, with the Old Man just beyond . As we passed Portree I realised the fatal error I had made. I broke the news to Sam and she gave me a look as if to show how she was happy it was me that forgot my wallet and not her.

Old Man of Storr road.jpg

It was too late to go back, although we knew this meant adding at least an hour to all of our tasks later on, so we cracked on with The Storr. Sam was still feeling a bit under the weather and I said it would be best for us to leave it, but she insisted I went on without her.

Old man of storr.jpg

The weather was glorious and the sun felt strong, the last time we were on Skye, I hadn’t fully explored as the weather was bad at times. So I set about up The Storr to get the best vantage point for a photo of the Old Man.

Storr walks.jpg

We didn’t have hours to spend so rather than walking around The Storr I climbed the face, which is probably not recommended, but when the soil is dry it’s easy enough. I wish I had a whole day to hike all the tracks but it is always good to have more on the list for when you return.

The Storr walks.jpg

The Logistics..

How to get there
The Old Man of Storr is a 15 minute drive north of Portree or 1 hour 20 minutes from Broadford. The road is very manageable and one that is frequented regularly by tourists.

Isle of Skye drive.jpg

Where to park
There is a tiny car park for The Storr and in peak season it is very busy. However, you can park up and down the road free of charge and with no time restriction.

Walks around The Storr
The best route is a loop which can be found here. There are loads of other smaller walks you can do if you just make it up as you go there are plenty of well walked tracks. Be careful of landslides and steep faces during bad weather.

Walking The Storr.jpg

Best time to visit
Early in the morning or later in the afternoon is the best time to visit if you want to avoid the crowds, and get a better park. I am yet to get a sunset or sunrise at Storr, but of course it is on the list!

 Sam’s weigh in

Oh it felt good to not be the one who forgot something. I didn’t mind so much. Skye is a beautiful place to drive around. Unfortunately I was finding it hard to breathe on the walk, so I perched myself on a small ledge, admired the views and became the unofficial photographer to every other tourist while I waited for Tim to come down again.

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