London: A photo diary of our favourite city

London will always be one of our favourite cities. The Central Line in summer, Oxford Street at lunch time, the weather in January, not being able to make a table reservation, tourists standing on the wrong side of the escalators – what’s not to love?

Seriously though, we do love London. The whole of Mayfair will always be a special place for us. We will never tire of Tower Bridge. Tim will never get enough of the sunrises (way too early for me). I will never get enough Monmouth (Tim hates coffee) and Big Ben, well – we adore him.

We love London so much, we don’t want to work or live in London anymore, because if we did – we would end up resenting it.

Rather than write a ‘Top 10 in London’ type post , here are a collection of our favourite photos taken over the last couple of months while we have been in and out of this great city.

Earls Court

Big Ben

Brompton Cemetry

Earls Court Townhouses

Leadenhall Market

Green Grenwich









 Do  you have a favourite city?

12 thoughts on “London: A photo diary of our favourite city

  1. I’m travelling to London next April. So excited after having seen some of your pics ! What building is the 3rd from bottom picture ? 🙂


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