When Qatar loses your luggage

“You know, I’ve never had a lost bag”, is what I said to Tim as we were wandering to the baggage belt to pick up the one backpack we had checked in for our 3 month trip in SE Asia. We flew London > Doha > Bangkok > Hanoi and all of our flights were delayed. Still, I didn’t think for a second there would be any trouble with our luggage.

I sat on a seat nearby while Tim waited at the belt for our backpack to appear. I even sent a secret Snapchat of Tim captioning it – “When babe gets the bags” . I probably jinxed the whole bloody thing.

As bags started to filter through and people started to disappear, I still wasn’t worried. We were just lucky last. Then we clocked on that our bag wasn’t coming. Next, we were waiting in a lost baggage office, filled with a dozen other people with the same problem. A claim form, a luggage report and assurance they would find the bag, we left the airport with no luggage. We had a carry on backpack that thankfully at least held Tim’s clothes.

DSCN6453 (1)

Hanoi is hot. Not even hot. But sweltering, muggy, sun blazing and frying you, sweat dripping all over your body, hot. The kind of heat that you can’t imagine until you’re in it. So, wearing the same clothes and my shoes & socks for our first couple of days was less than thrilling. What I hated most though, was not having my contact lenses.


The baggage people from Qatar were quite helpful (once we got through one rude woman). They responded very quickly to our emails… although we did start to lose hope when the emailed us saying “We still haven’t tracked your bag”. After that email, I tweeted them, Facebooked them, emailed them and had the woman at our hotel call them on our behalf. Then the email we had been waiting for. Our bag was found in Bangkok, they had it, they would deliver it to our hotel later that day.

Happiest girl in the world.


I don’t know what the moral of the story is here. The Hotel Manager told us “I have 100 people lost their bags, they all get them back” So perhaps.. if your luggage gets lost, buy yourself a pair of hippy pants, go commando, put on your glasses, wear your husbands shirt and cross your fingers that you’re one of the 100 people! If not – I hope you have good travel insurance (and on that note, I will be taking a photo of my bag and contents before I get on a plane again).


Tim’s weigh in

I’m definitely less forgiving than Sam, and for what it is worth I thought the service was pretty poor. The only reason we received any information was incessant pursuing. The fact we were joined by so many others in the lost baggage office and the rudeness of the first woman who I saw shows how poor they are at getting this right. I’ve heard many a tale of lost bags, usually in Asia, now we can tell our own.

9 thoughts on “When Qatar loses your luggage

  1. I had a bag get lost before, and they service was absolutely appalling, so much so I try not to fly with British Airways anymore. Even worse trying to claim anything back on the insurance we had gotten for the specific bag losing purposes. Glad you got your stuff in the end though!


  2. I have never lost luggages (yet) but when I moved abroad the first time, at the airport in Glasgow I met up with this guy who lived in my hall of residence in St Andrews and none of his luggage arrived. He hated having to spend nearly two weeks in his new home without anything. To be honest, this is one of the reasons why (if I’m going on a trip anyway) I always have a change of clothes in my carry on. Best way to be prepared for anything πŸ™‚


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