Where to now? Our next stop!

Flying into the UK on May 11th was like flying into my ‘new life.’ Tim and I had made the nearly 12 month stint of a long distance relationship, I was unemployed again (by choice), I knew in just two 2 weeks time we would be husband and wife and then we would be off – on another adventure.

The last 10 or so weeks in the UK have been wonderful. We had the most epic road trip in Scotland , we hiked in Wales, snuck over to the Netherlands for a few days, caught up with friends in London, spent lots of time with family, Tim graduated University and we got married! I spent so many months looking forward to my time here and as always, it has flown by. Now, it’s time to leave.


When Tim and I were getting seriously serious about each other (like, you know – deciding to get married), we spoke about where we would ultimately want to ‘end up’. We tossed up both the UK and Australia, and quite quickly decided that Australia could offer us the lifestyle we both wanted (warm weather for me, lots of space for Tim). We also decided that before we ‘ended up’ in Australia, we wanted to travel, move somewhere different or do something new.

Plans we have had in the last year:

  • Travel around India indefinitely
  • Teach English in South Korea (we both did our TEFL certs!)
  • Get jobs somewhere in the Middle East
  • Teach English in China
  • Move to Canada and climb mountains
  • Move to New Zealand (this was squashed after I realised how cold it was)


Lot’s going on. What we can establish from our list of ‘plans’ is that, a) We want to do ALL the things and b) We are indecisive and quick to change our minds.

This was our plan up until a few weeks ago:

  • Move to Hanoi, find a flat and pick up jobs teaching English.

This is our newly revised plan:

  • Travel throughout South East Asia for 3 months and then move to Australia in October.

The reason we have chosen to be back in Australia by October is because we have a very special wedding to be home for (Hey Ab & Rhys!) It will be so nice to start off our ‘new life’ in Australia together celebrating two of our good friends tying the knot!


We don’t really have an itinerary for the next 3 months. We fly into Hanoi, Vietnam and plan to make our way south, hop into Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and end up in Singapore, where we will catch a flight down under.

I don’t really like the term ‘settling down’, I’m not entirely sure what it means to me. Although we do want to find somewhere to live and get jobs when we get back (I wish money did grow on trees) we know that we want to backpack through India and South America (at least!) before we even think about having kids. We are really excited about all the opportunities and obstacles that are coming our way!

Do you have any tips for SE Asia?

Wedding photos by Lynne Kennedy.

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