Falling in love with Elgol

The Broadford to Elgol drive must be one of the best in Britain, a picturesque single track lane runs for 15 miles to the tiny village. The road is often shared with cows and sheep and the backdrop is idyllic.

Cows Isle of Skye

When we first pulled into our cottage we both had huge smiles on our faces because we knew there couldn’t be a better place for us to get married. We stayed in one of Mary’s Thatched Cottages just up from the village and I have to say it was the best!

Mary's Thatched Cottage

Elgol sits on one of the Western coastlines of the island, this coupled with the clear skies we had meant I knew a good sunset was afoot, so after unpacking and settling we made our way to the harbour. With such long sunsets we waited until near setting time, as we approached the village the sun began to dip behind the Cuillins.

Sunset at cuillins

The thing about beautiful locations is photos never do them justice (unless the weather is shit). The enormity of the reason we were here, along with the beauty of Elgol had me smitten. In all honestly I don’t normally like completely clear skies at sunset but this seemed to fit.


With the closest proper shops in Broadford (as well as the only road to civilisation) the drive became a regular journey. Each time we drove down it, it became more familiar, our appreciation of it growing more and more.

Sheep Isle of Skye

By day Elgol is the gateway to the Cuillin Hills and Loch Coruisk, where we eloped. We did get very lucky with the weather which helps to paint this picture, but I know that when the snow and cloud is here the scenery remains beautiful.

Elgol Misty Isle

On our final night on Skye, as we drove the drive to Elgol for the last time, the sun was setting. A pink hue began to appear just as we approached the village. As Helian Coo country a few herds live near by, I had been hoping to see some roadside all week but hadn’t been too lucky. And just when I thought I couldn’t love this place anymore….

Helain coo sunset

I don’t often fall in love with places, I’m quite hard to please, but Elgol and the Misty Isle, have intoxicated me.

Sam’s weigh in

What he said.

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