Serenity at Loch Oich

Last time we were in Scotland (when we’d already decided to return) there had been one location that we passed which I instantly knew was where we had to spend a night. The first time we were there, there were local fishermen with small fires and the wild camping laws meant I knew this would be a perfect spot.

When we pulled up to Loch Oich the weather was sublime, I knew that we could rely on Scotland to deliver the goods when required. Sam was shattered and fell asleep in the car for most of the day, while I explored.

Loch Oich

I walked around the site working out the best spot to camp, surrounded by mountains I choose the site that would get first sun. I kicked backed and enjoyed the afternoon until the shade moved in.

Fires here are common, although this place has been badly treated in all fairness with fires that have clearly been badly managed and big. I cleared the site and rebuilt a smaller fire pit. I lit our fire and we spent the next hours talking and enjoying the mirror reflections lochside.

Loch Oich campfire-01

Sam had been ill and was getting cold, although in all honestly it really wasn’t that cold, so she headed into the tent. I had collected plenty of wood so wanted to see the fire through, with the weather due to clear I wanted to see more stars.

Loch Oich camping

The truth is as soon as the sun disappears on one horizon it is already burning at the other this time of year, making star spotting hard. Fog moved in as my wood ran low so I called it a night.

I woke up to mother nature calling, poking my head out of the tent the fog was thick and the valley felt bitterly cold. By the time I had walked away from the tent the sun was breaking the mountain top.

Loch Oich fog

Perfect timing! I grabbed the stove, brewed some tea and watched the mist lift as the clouds danced across the mountains. This is my serenity.

Serenity Loch Oich

With nature showing off I wandered the shore admiring the calm waters and reflections.

Loch Oich reflections-01

For me I had got what I wanted from the camping, most locations had involved rain but here was the dawn of beautiful weather, right in time for our drive to Skye.

Loch Oich reflections boat-01

 Sam’s weigh in

I loved Loch Oich, it was beautiful. Unfortunately, due to hiking up Snowdon, I was feeling a little worse for wear, so had to enjoy some warmth in the car where I napped for a few hours. Also, Tim is like a human radiator and doesn’t feel the cold like a normal person. Tim getting up early did mean I got breakfast in ‘tent’ – so it was a win for the both of us.

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