How to test a relationship at Loch Lomond

Something that my friends and I often joke about is the test that putting Ikea furniture together has on a relationship. If you and your significant other can put together a piece of Ikea furniture without breaking up in the process, you can stand the test of time.

Tim and I haven’t put Ikea furniture together yet. However, we have put a tent up and taken it down in the rain… while being swarmed by hoards of midgies. That has to be up there with the ultimate relationship tests.

We visited Loch Lomond in April 2015 and it was one of our favourite spots. We saw the Northern Lights dance over the mountains and when we woke up the next morning the sun was out and the skies were blue. We had a romantic image of Loch Lomond in our heads which, along with our relationship, was about to be tested.

Loch Lomond

We decided to semi-wild camp the night at Loch Lomond. When I say semi-wild, I mean, we weren’t in a campground, but we weren’t totally wild either. We were in a strip that was maintained and campers were welcomed (after paying a small fee). As soon as we arrived, it started to rain. This actually became the trend for the whole trip. As soon as we had to set up the tent – rain.

Loch Lomond Scotland

Tim marched ahead with the tent as I had a two minute sulk in the car about what lay ahead. I found Tim quite a walk from the car, assessing where would be the best spot. That’s when the midgies came. If there is an insect that can bite, you better believe that Tim will be in the firing line. I don’t even need to wear insect repellent anymore because if I am with Tim, they will go after him and spare me.

What astounds me about men (or maybe it’s just Tim), is that he thinks I can read his mind and know exactly what part he wants me to play in the tent process. When it’s pouring down and you are eating midgies every time you open your mouth, obviously you want the tent up as quickly as possible.

‘No, no, no, no, no!’

‘What are you doing?!’

‘Here, just let me do it’


(Some of my favourite excerpts from putting up the tent with Tim).

I had about 5 layers on and was like a Michelin man clumsily trying to help as much as I could. Really, in my head I was just praying that suddenly a warm cottage would emerge from the ground and we would be saved from the Scottish weather.

Loch Lomond Camping

We got the tent up, we got inside and Tim was beaming about how ‘fun’ it all was. It poured down all night long and it was pouring when we woke up the next morning.

Loch lomond Tent

Just as we had packed the tent up… the rain cleared.

Loch Lomond Clouds

We drove back round the Loch and headed to a more northern spot, which we had eaten at last year. Upon arrival we were treated to a blue sky breakfast. Although I hate to admit this, especially to Tim, it was fun. Fun in a wet, miserable, ‘this sucks’ kinda way.

Loch Lomond Sun

I think we’re ready for the Ikea furniture now.

Tim’s weigh in

Scotland is a tough character, to appreciate it fully you must endure the hardship of the elements. I must admit being bitten on the face repeatedly does add an element of stress to an already wet situation. Still, where better to camp than lochside, rain or not what a place to wake up.

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