Is it worth visiting Edinburgh Castle?

The first time I visited Edinburgh I scoffed at the £16.50 price tag to go inside the Castle. I took photos of the outside, feeling proud that I hadn’t wasted what was the price of three glasses of wine in London on a ticket in.

My second visit to Edinburgh was just recently with Tim and we tossed up whether we would go inside. ‘But it seems like so much to go inside a castle!’ I said to Tim, converting the British Pound into Australian Dollars. Tim’s reasoning for going inside was this – ‘We either go in now, just you and me, or we go one day in the future when we have a few kids and then have to pay for them too’. So, we went in.


Edinburgh Castle is situated in the perfect location atop Castle Rock, dominating the city skyline. The history of the castle is immense and to grasp it all during one visit would be impossible. A fortress has stood there since the Iron Age and from the 1600’s it was used as a military base.


If you are interested in learning about the nations historic military background, Edinburgh Castle is for you. I would suggest buying tickets in advance though, as we did have to wait in line quite a while. It’s safe to say that the castle is Edinburgh’s top attraction.


The views from the castle over Edinburgh are unreal and there are many viewing platforms and angles of the city. Tim of course loved this, photo opportunities galore.


There are a number of different sections of the castle, but my favourite was the ‘Prisons of War’. Prisoners of war from all over the world were once held in the stone vaults. I’m not saying I would have ever liked to be a prisoner, but the hammocks that were in the vaults looked really comfortable.

You can also see the Crown Jewels at the castle. I know this should impress me more, but I just can’t get excited about a giant crown with gleaming jewels stuck to it. It’s bizarre to me that we form a line to shuffle past a glass case that holds an old crown.

One of my favourite parts of the day was when Tim thought a dude behind him was me and reached out and touched his arm.

Is it worth visiting? Well, there are views, history, cafes, shops, a giant cannon that gets fired at 1 o’clock, hammocks in the stone vaults and a lot of tourists to people watch. It took me my second visit and a little nudge from Tim, but I had a good time and I’m glad I went in. So, yeah, I think it is.


Tim’s weigh in

My favourtie part of the visit was after agreeing not to tussle for cannon firing views, being asked by Sam to wait for 15 minutes while she went to the toilet, in which time the cannon went off and then some! Anyway I’ve been to Edinburgh castle years previously, I enjoyed it then and loved it now, lots of stuff to learn and great views of the city!

“To understand the military history of Scotland, is to understand the very essence of the nation”

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